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Tree & Shrub Care, Inc.


Specialty Pruning for Health and Hazards

Is your beautiful maple tree’s appearance marred by an unsightly dead limb? Do you have a tree branch hanging precariously over your house or fence? Specialty pruning encourages a plant’s proper growth; thinning plants to increase light and air circulation can make a plant healthier.

Artistic Pruning for a Desired Look or Shape

Has your apple tree grown out of control? Do your shrubs need to be better contained? Improper pruning can leave holes or bare spots in your trees and shrubs. Proper pruning can make your dogwood tree or rhododendron look like the beautiful specimen that it is.

Tree and Shrub Removal

Whether for appearance or safety sake, we can remove any trees and shrubs.

Why Hire an Arborist?

An arborist is a certified professional who can protect your home and property in a variety of ways. Arborists can evaluate whether any tree limbs pose a hazard to your house (such as overhanging limbs) or whether your shrubs have insect problems. Whether it’s protecting your home, fence, or valuable landscaping, an arborist can identify any potential hazards or problems for you.






This tree needed to be removed but was inaccessible to a bucket truck due to its location next to a deck, fence, and shed in the backyard. To successfully remove the tree, it was carefully pieced and lowered down safely without any problems. Removal of the tree greatly opened up space in the small backyard.


The trees and shrubs here had not been pruned in quite a while and were overgrown. They were pruned for size control, thinning, and shaping, while providing adequate spacing between plants.

View a climbing/footlocking demonstration video. 

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